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D.A.R.S. - Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.  This is the state rehabilitation agency.  The two major agencies in DARS that our program works closely with are:       


- Division for Rehabilitation Services - formerly known as T.R.C. or the Texas Rehabilitation Commission. This agency works with our practice mostly with disabled individuals who would like to get cognitive rehabilitation and then return to work.  This agency also works with its diabled individuals who have independent living goals and academic goals as their major focus of rehabilitation.  They have many offices around the Houston metropolitan area for your convenience.  Please click on the DRS icon above to go to their website.

- Division for Blind Services - formerly known as T.C.B. or the Texas Commission for the Blind. This agency works with blind and visually impaired individuals to help regain independence or find a job.  They have two offices in the Houston Metropolitan area to serve you. Please click on the DBS icon above go to their website.


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TRAN Man Black and White LogoTRAN - Texas Rehab Action Network - PO BOX 4295 Austin, TX 78765
      Keeping public vocational rehabilitation efforts in the forefront!


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The Houston Center for Independent Living is a wonderful resource for Houston area individuals with disabilities.  They are also known as the Coalition for Barrier Free Living.


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The Texas Chapter of the Brain Injury Association is an excellent source of information for survivors, family members of survivors, and professionals interested in brain injury resources in the great state of Texas. Click on the logo to to to the Brain Injury Association of Texas website.



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