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Erin has been with Project ReEntry since 2011 as a Cognitive Therapist.


She provides excellent therapeutic services to our clients. She assists them in applying their treatment plan strategies to their cognitive problem areas so that they can function more effectively in the real world.

She also provides case management services for the clients and their families to coordinate our treatment with other doctors and health care providers. She is also an academic specialist in providing clients with assistance with their math, English, and other subject matters while in college. She helps them to learn how to learn most effectively after a head injury or other neurological impairment.


Among her other duties, Erin also assists Dr. Pollock with his Social Security cases in which he provides expert testimony. She is very detail oriented and is great at compiling mounds of data for Dr. Pollock to review.


Erin is a native of the Houston metropolitan area. She graduated from Clements High School in Sugar Land and went on to the University of St. Thomas to graduate with her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Mathematics.

















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